Buchardst S400 MKII


Operating principle 2-way passive radiator system
Tweeter 1 x 0,74″ Custom fine weave soft fabric textile with CDC aluminum waveguide
Mid / woofer 1 x 6″ Linear long stroke paper cone
Passive Radiator 1 x 5×8″ Long stroke passive radiator
Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 88 dB
Frequency response 33 – 40.000 Hz +/- 3dB (in-room)
Crossover point 1800hz
Power recommendation 40 – 200 W
Measurements (h x w x d) 365 x 180 x 280 mm (14.4” x 7” x 11”)
Weight 7.5 kg each / 16.7 kg shipped
Speaker grilles Included
Warranty 10 years
Cabinet 15mm Fiberboard HMR.E2 Moisture-proof with internal bracing.
Either painted or real wood veneered.


The MKII is a speaker that is all about enjoying the music! Being more engaging, the MKII lets you dive right into your favorite music collections and forgetting all about HiFi equipment for a moment. The physical appearance is both compact and elegant, yet it carries a level of bass performance you would expect from a way larger speaker.

A short summery of the individual parts: 

1. Soundstage
We are experiencing both an enhanced width and especially depth, thus providing a remarkable improvement from the S400. It provides a big, spacious 3D experience, and if you close your eyes, it really places you right into the concert hall at the center row! The background is very dark, and you have an amazing instrument separation within the soundstage which is highly addictive! Dynamics tend to really pop out within the sound stage as well.

2. Tweeter
Although it’s the same tweeter as its predecessor, it sounds way different with the new crossover in place. We find it to be very well-balanced between detailed and relaxed. In fact, with the MKII, the tweeter is one part that you will more or less forget about, in a good way. This is partially because of a new crossover design with the use of high-end components within the crossover. We did use a great amount of time reviewing different combinations of capacitors and resistors. In the end we settled with using an ultra high-end CU/paper/oil capacitor from Miflex mixed with amazing parts from Jantzen Audio Denmark namely their Cross-caps, baked air core inductors and Superres resistors. The results are an amazingly balanced and neutral presentation.

3. Midrange
The tonality and balance of how the MKII presents human vocals is quite remarkable, and is one of the things that we have been putting a lot of attention towards in the new design. It should be pretty apparent that human voices have taking a very high priority here.

4. Bass
As all of our previous speakers, the new MKII is no slouch either when it comes to bass extension. The new 6” bass driver delivers very deep bass notes both defined, tight and articulate. The big, oversized inductors in the new crossover design are also worth mentioning. The inductors are wound with thick 1,6 mm high-purity copper wire, assuring clean non-distorted sound.    

Operating principle


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