Tech Specs

– Amp Power: 25 – 150 Watts RMS
– Cont Power: 75 Watts Peak RMS
– Peak Power: 300 Watts
– Sensitivity: (2.83 Volts @ 1m) 90 dB

– Unit Type:  Dual Concentric
– HF: 1” Linear PEI dome
– Tech: Torus Ogive WaveGuide
– Magnet: Omnimagnet
– LF: 6” multi-fibre paper pulp cone
– Tech: Rubber Surround
– Voice Coil: 1.75” edge wound

– Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
– Freq Response: 38 Hz – 32 kHz
– Crossover Freq: 250 Hz & 1.8 kHz
– Type: Passive low loss 2nd order
– Crossover Type: 1st order high pass

– Enclosure: Downwards ported
– Bass Reflex: Twin cavity coupled
– Volume: 30.7 l (1.08 ft.)
– Dimensions (HWD): 1005 x 269 x 317mm



“These Tannoys are something special – they fire out an infectious, entertaining sound” What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Award Winner 2016

Dual Concentric drive units
The Revolution XT 6F makes use of Tannoy’s famous Dual Concentric drive units. With the tweeter in the throat of the main woofer, the speakers offer a single point source for high and mid-range frequencies. The result is a consistency and realism of vocals that you’d be hard pushed to find from many rivals with broad and detailed sound-staging.

WaveGuide tweeter
The tweeter itself is a new PEI dome with Torus-Ogive WaveGuide. The waveguide offers smooth treble extension and pin-point precison. The woofers feature new Omnimagnet technology, which gives superior cone control for a more precise and accurate bass and mid-range response.

Strong bass response
With a floorstanding cabinet and twin, six inch, woofer cones, the XT 6F offers a strong bass response. Compared to smaller speakers you’ll find music more dynamic and life-like, even at lower volume levels. For a real thrill from your music or movies, the Tannoy XT 6F speakers truly deliver.

Dual-cavity cabinet
The Tannoy speakers have an innovative cabinet design that greatly improves the sound quality. Dual-cavity cabinets with an internally coupled bass reflex system offer the best of both worlds; a smaller internal cabinet for precise, taught sound in the mid-range, and a larger total volume size for extended bass. Also, a newly designed bass port at the foot of the speaker encourages low frequency energy forwards into the room, helping close-wall placement without the usual loss in quality.

Luxurious finish
With a choice of Espresso Dark Walnut or Medium Oak, real wood veneers, the Revolution XT 6F is equal in finish to many more expensive speakers. Tannoy’s typical attention to detail also extends to magnetic grille attachments, an etched trim ring and even ‘Tannoy’ branded bolt heads. For the money, this is probably the best-finished speaker on the market.

Smooth yet powerful and beautifully finished, the Tannoy Revolution XT 6F speakers are free from compromise.


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